Legal & Technical

Investor Shkorpos Ltd – an affiliate company of
Eden Developments AD

Regulated plots ІІ and ІІІ – 190002, district. 31 Shkorpolovtzi village, Municipality of Dolny Chiflik
Latitude: 42°58'16.40"N
Longitude: 27°53'25.00"E
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Neighbouring projects

Over the plot in the past was located Horizon. To the south and north of it at present are located other camping sites which are out of exploitation for quite a long time. In general the surrounding plots are not urbanized and the closest buildings are located within 5 km.

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Distance from the nearest big cities and resorts and big roads

Varna – 40 km
Bourgas – 100 km
Sofia – 485 km
Sunny Beach – 70 km
Golden Sands – 57 km
Main Road Birgas-Varna – 10 km
golden sands bulgaria

Distance to the International

Varna – 44 km
Bourgas – 95 km
Sofia – 481 km

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General Parameters of the project

Monolithic construction up to 15 m (5 floors) with coefficient
of density 1,58.

Residential Saleable Area – 112,000 sq.m.

Common areas within buildings – 17,000 sq.m.

Commercial areas and Spa facilities– 10,000 sq.m.

Hotel – 15,000 sq.m.

Sports – 600 sq.m.

Underground parking –14,000 sq.m.

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Administrative Status of the Project

1. Approved architectural project.
2. Approved technical project – part Constructions
3. Finalized technical Road project
4. Ready vertical planning and tracing of the buildings
5. Ready project for wastewater treatment plant and project solution for connecting of the specific buildings to the water conduit and the drainage system
6. Ready project for constructing the electric-supply external set and t electric generators
7. Proposal project for heating and ventilation
8. Construction Permit No. 54 of 27.08.2007
9. Signed preliminary contracts for connecting to the regional water conduit and electric net.
10. Forthcoming – completion of technical and work project – parts Architecture, Construction, Electrical, Water and Sewerage, heating and Ventilation.

The condition of the existing infrastructure

The road to the plot is in a good condition. The designed water conduit Kamchia Sands will deliver to the plot the necessary quantity of water. There are no sewerage facilities and there would be the requirement to construct a 20 Kilo Volt power station for supplying the electricity for construction and use of the complex.

Access to the beach

It is a beachfront plot with a 400 m frontage directly facing the sea.

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