The Project

rest on the beach The ultimate goal of the architects and planners involved in the project was to create the living environment of a seaside town.
“Eden Sands” is developed according to the best practices in urban planning, so its inhabitants feel right at home. The resort fits in naturally with the surrounding landscape, blending buildings and nature together. The geology of the site was meticulously studied by two separate teams to ensure thorough knowledge of the land underneath. All architectural plans are fully compliant with the geology of the site. The total build area is c.150,000 sq. m. which includes approximately 1,400 apartments, a luxurious 5 star hotel, and commercial space (spa, shops, restaurants etc.). Due to its size, the resort would look monotonous if only one architecture had been specified, so different styles have been used throughout the site, further contributing to the look and feel of a small town. Of course style must follow function, so the different appearances will reflect different attributes of parts of the site, from the serene and relaxed to the active and youthful.

The complex is divided into three zones. There are subgroups within the zones allowing for further individualization to suit specific purchasing needs. Additionally, building in zones makes it possible to construct the resort sequentially. One stage can be completed and operational while the next phase is being built. The three zones are:


Plateau zone

Plateau zone This zone is at the very top of the plot by the municipal road and is the flattest one, so here are placed a luxury 5-star hotel and two tall apartment structures. The buildings surround three courtyards open to the sea and overlook a landscape system of swimming pools interconnected by a water path. There are water attractions and richly-planted places for relaxation and entertainment. From the west alongside the whole area there will be a commercial centre, located mostly on the ground floors of the buildings. This zone will be the major public service and sport centre for the resort, providing residents with hotel-type services year-round. The southern residential group is designed to be a medium-height structure. This group will feature the so-called spa-suites that will have their own swimming pools and spa/wellness services, as well as restaurants.


Slope zone

Slope zone Due to the steep incline in this zone, the buildings will be low-height (no more than 3 floors). Vernacular styling is achieved by the use of traditional exterior materials: wood, brick, and stone. The steep slope means that almost every residence will have a separate terrace at the ground level. One group will be designed following the finest Bulgarian architectural traditions. The other groups will serve as a natural transition to the lower half of the development, featuring Mediterranean architecture complete with colonnades and arches.


Beach zone

Beach zone These buildings are located at the bottom half of the plot and adjoin the panoramic road bordering the beach area. They consist of low- and medium-height buildings (maximum 5 floors). They are grouped around a pedestrian alley, connecting areas rich in public and entertainment services. The typical image is of an old Mediterranean town. There will be a lot of activities around the swimming-pools and on the ground floors (under the colonnades). The upper levels will feature large shadowed terraces. The lower levels will feature verdure and flower grounds, garden elements, and traditional pavements (cobblestone etc.). The building silhouettes mimic an amphitheatre. The positioning of the buildings has been specifically designed not to limit sea views for those behind. The architecture is based on the diverse traditions and architectural practices of Bulgaria and the Mediterranean region. This zone suits active inhabitants who like the town environment along with its entertainment.

Area Infrastructure

The road network is already suitable and recently renovated. It connects the site to the highway between Bourgas and Varna which is set to be upgraded to a four-lane road in the near future. Electricity grid and water provision are both modern and conditional contracts have already been signed with the local utility providers.

Site Infrastructure

Site Infrastructure Following the town concept, the resort will have several types of road. Most will be pedestrian, especially along the commercial areas, to allow for a pleasant shopping or dining experience. Several car roads are also provided within the site to allow emergency vehicles to reach each apartment. The purification of the wastewater will be implemented through a modern water treatment plant with capacity for 6,500 people - about 15% more than the site can accommodate to give a sufficient safety margin.

Investment Possibilities for Corporate Investors

The revenue stream from the development is two-fold. Firstly, by selling apartments to individual buyers. Eden Developments has an extensive network of estate agents in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Additionally, the company has developed various direct marketing channels to facilitate sales. The Eden brand name is strong and recognizable by many investors due to the intensive marketing campaigns since 2004.

Furthermore, from completion of the first phase, the resort operation can generate a significant income from property management and tourist business. This revenue stream continues even after all apartments are sold and provides an additional super-profit for the investment.

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